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Explore for shopping brokers and/or create listings for shopping at frequency, time-savings, and competitiveness!

Current technologies have all of us spending time to save money - When the idea of automation is for spending money on a personalized experience, resulting in Time-Savings!
Matthew Ashburn
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How do I get My Wants/Needs today?

Shopping Brokers are traders, specialists, and salespersons in shopping goods/consumer services, representing in-stores merchandise, online websites, shopping apps and marketplaces.

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On-demand Shopping As A Service (SAAS) from Major Retailors (in-store/online), DTC brands, E-commerce, Apps, Local Shops, Websites and Marketplaces; clothing, mobile phones, electric automobiles, choice of restaurants, luggage, running shoes, entertainment equipment, and so much more...

Time is Money | Personalization is more time-savings!

Shopping for YOUR benefit is an example of Data Dignity | Participate in the quality of personal data for the betterment of MY purchases!

Shopping Brokers are NOT paid by the consumer brands products and services, as each of the brokers are working for Your Needs today!