Peer-to-peer shopsharing

Announcing the launch of the Peer-to-peer shopsharing technology developed by Midst.

Real-time shopsharing (also known as instant shopsharing, dynamic shopsharing, ad-hoc shopsharing, on-demand shopsharing, and dynamic shoppooling) is a service that arranges one-time shared shopping on very short notice.

These elements are coordinated through a network service, which can instantaneously handle the shared sales discount and match purchase orders using an optimization algorithm by products, services, brand, company, category, geolocation.

“With consumer transactions , the offering of a shared discount to the network within the funnel at the point-of-sale is more listening to the network and rewarding all parties. “

Matthew Ashburn, ceo/founder
P2P Shopsharing

Promoted as a way to better utilize the timing of purchases in most consumer products/services transactions, thus lowering the systemic transactional usages from engagement-to-delivery costs and the more important sustainable practices for the betterment of reducing global warming. It can serve areas not covered by a shopping system and act as a supply chain feeder service. Shopsharing is also capable of serving one-time purchases, not only recurrent purchases or scheduled purchases.

Branded service = Shopshare

The services and branding are known as “Shopshare” a service for Consumer-to-Broker, as well as, the identification to the cloud technology known as, peer-to-peer shopsharing.

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