Midst launches innovative organizational structure for the future-of-work

A hybrid business structure; central and distributed

The shopping platform company – Midst has launched an innovative structure known as, Cylindrical Chain Organization.

The Problem; traditional “Top-Down” company structure is an outdated form of corporate culture and governance.

Solution; Restructure based on distributive efficiency, so to provide for Individual growth company/professionals within Collaborative distribution ownership/value mechanics for which responsibility, proficiencies, principles is by each within the community.

“My dream company structure is based on the “Dominant vs. Subordinate” no-longer apart of corporate culture. The opportunity is more – the delegation of power from a central authority to a distributed network of groups/professionals accountability to themselves.

Matthew Ashburn, ceo/founder

Cylindrical Chain Organization

Core Components; begin at bottom-outer circle diamond/square in the direction of clock-ways.

  • Thyself | Association | Executives | Board Members
  • Leadership | Accountability | Service | Quality
  • Ethics, Academia, Rule of Laws, Fiduciary, Markets Locality, Business Model, Economics
  • Position, Accountable, Proficiency, Collaborative, Development, Imaginative, Tolerant, Code of Principles

The word “Ikigai” refers to having a direction or purpose in life, that which makes one’s life worthwhile, and towards which an individual takes spontaneous and willing actions giving them satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life.

From the countless books, articles, posts that showcase the potential for personal and professional development – borrowing from to create anew organization by developing oneself.

Briefly on compensation; with a flattened structure the allocation of salaries/wages are by function, inclusive.

Welcome to all that come for the Income and stay for the journey!

+ Full schematic shown below

Cylindrical Chain Organization – schematic


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