Brokers learn more

Brokers learn more

We are traders, specialists, salespersons offering our services!

Shopping Broker

The beginning of a career in the midst of buyers/sellers of consumer goods and services across the shopping markets…

What is Shopping As A Service?

Artificial Intelligence broker assistants – available 24 hours!

Free broker services offered to consumers/shoppers!

Co-facilitators; Broker assistant AI/CRM solution in the delivery-of-services.

BrokerTime LIVE

Consumers/Shoppers chat live with their favorite brokers during available hours!

$1.00/minute with a two-minute minimum

30 seconds or less – money back guaranty!

Personalized (P13N) shopping were a broker (YOU) using ML practices to create a bespoke list for my client’s eyes only!

P13N Shopping

services begin January 2021
All brokers begin at the standard exchange rate set by the brokerage platform and adjusted to market demand per broker performance
  • BrokerShow Live
  • BrokerShow Live
    Minimum $2/transaction
  • BrokerShow Live
    30 seconds or less - refunds!
  • P13N Shopping | Coming January 2021
    $4.35/personalized list
How does paid-by-the-minute work in terms of an hourly wage - below are examples;
  • Broker John performed (3) BrokerTime Live + (2) P13N Shopping
  • Broker Matthew performed (2) BrokerTime Live + (3) P13N Shopping
  • Broker Sienna performed (4) BrokerTime Live + (5) P13N Shopping
First launched broker store - exclusively fashion category, Resort Pop Wear

Distributed Retail Stores

Sales/Marketing LIVE from the retail floor has evolved to include Omnichannel feeds to anywhere in the world!

Shopping Broker-owned stores
Follow ME In-Store and through aisles of Major Retailers with presenter HD camera drone technology.